An Old-School Christmas Festival

Last night, the Grove Band had the opportunity to play at Dickens Downtown in Northport. Dressed in either warm layers or period-appropriate clothing, they spent a few hours playing Christmas carols for the people enjoying the festival as they passed by. Between the Charles Dickens-esque attire, the fake snow, and the very real cold air, it certainly felt like an old-timey Christmas festival.

One of the best parts of the experience was watching how the children were enchanted by everything: taking pictures with St. Nicholas, playing in the fake snow, sipping hot chocolate and watching for the fancy dresses of the Tuscaloosa Belles. In the midst of all that, our band made sure to always give the children jingle bells to ring and, if they were brave enough, even invite them to sing with a microphone! It was a blessing to be welcomed back again this year, and, as always, we really enjoyed having the opportunity to sing together with friends and neighbors as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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