Two Services, One Church

Our process for returning to two worship services.

Two unique worship styles, united by one Truth.

Since last June, we have been worshiping together in a single, blended worship service in our gym. It was a way that we could responsibly pursue the safety of each person present while also recognizing that worship is a critical part of the life of the Church, and it has been a blessing to us! During this time we have grown closer as a church, met and worshiped with new friends, and experienced fully that the Holy Spirit continues to move whenever the people of God are gathered -- even in a gym. And now, beginning May 2, we are returning to having two worship services of different styles with an hour for Sunday school and small group meeting between.

The schedule itself will be the same as pre-COVID: contemporary worship at 9, Sunday school at 10, and traditional worship at 11. But things have changed in our world over the past year, and this is the perfect opportunity to see what new things God is leading us to try so that we can reach new people with the greatest news we know and experience a deeper level of spiritual growth!

A familiar schedule with some new energy

9AM: The Grove contemporary worship

You'll notice that things look a little different (hopefully better!) in the Grove when you get back, and that's because we've used this opportunity to freshen things up. But paint and lights aren't the only difference you can expect; the past year has given us an opportunity to improve our sound quality, refine our musical talents, and grow more comfortable with the technical parts of worship that make it a great experience. But beyond that, we've spent some time looking at how we can bring together the traditions of the Church that keep us grounded with the power of contemporary music and styling.

10am: group ministries

We're all familiar with Sunday school, but it's not just for kids! When we gather together in classes on Sunday mornings, we're coming together as a community to study the word of God, to share our trials and triumphs, and to support one another as we seek to grow in faith and faithfulness. We're also going to be restarting our small group ministry, which focuses on navigating real-life circumstances in a way that's guided by faith -- this is perfect if you're not afraid to ask hard questions, or if you're ready to form deeper Christian friendships.

For more information, or to sign up for a small group, visit this page.

11aM: traditional worship

Things may not be that different in our traditional service from how they were before, but it's amazing how time apart can help us to appreciate our traditions. Gathering together to participate in worship through hymns, prayer, liturgy, and sacrament gives us a firm foundation for our lives, and these routines of faith train us to handle whatever hardships may come.

Not just "back to normal," but into God's plan!