The central things we believe at Taylorville UMC.

Our Beliefs

As a United Methodist Church, a more complete explanation of our beliefs and doctrines are laid out in the "Articles of Religion," which can be found here.


We believe in one living and everlasting God, infinitely powerful and good, who creates and preserves all things. Within the unity of God there are three persons, each eternal, all of one substance and power: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


We believe that Jesus Christ is God, having been born as a man -- fully divine, and fully human. We believe that it is by His life, death, and resurrection that we are saved from sin and death, and that by His faithfulness we are cleansed from sin. We believe that Jesus physically rose from the dead three days after He was buried, walked again with His disciples, and then ascended into Heaven to wait with God the Father until the final judgement.

The bible

We believe that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative word of God, and that it tells us everything that is necessary for salvation. We believe that the Old Testament is not contrary to the New, nor is it just a relic of a bygone time -- God's grace is present throughout the entirety of scripture, and so none should be dismissed or ignored.


We believe that humanity has been separated from God since the Fall of Man, and that our very natures have been corrupted by sin. Because of that, we cannot return to God by our own strength or will, nor can we do any good without God's grace.


We believe that God, seeing our weakness, shows us grace by preventing the full power of sin to take hold of our lives even before we believe in Him. We believe that God offers the grace of His salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, and that by faith alone we can be justified and counted as righteous. We believe that grace does not cease with our salvation, but persists through the work of the Holy Ghost, who continually strengthens us against temptation and draws us into the perfect holiness that comes from a full relationship with God.


We believe that the Church is the collection of faithful men and women throughout the world, and that we are called to gather in local congregations to preach the pure Word of God, to receive the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and to grow together in faith and holiness.

the sacraments (baptism and communion)

We believe that there are two sacraments ordained by Christ: Baptism and Holy Communion (or the Lord's Supper). They are not only symbols of our faith, but are means by which God nourishes our spirits and conveys His grace in our lives. We believe that Baptism is not just a sign of a person's profession of faith, but is the way we mark God's claim on our lives and the covenant He has with His Church. Because we see God as the active participant rather than the one being baptized, we believe that the baptism of infants is a good and holy practice.

We believe that Holy Communion is how we partake in the body and blood of Christ in a spiritual manner -- like Baptism, this is more than just a sign of our faith. In Communion, we gather together at the table of our Lord to receive His grace and to feed our spirits so that we can serve faithfully throughout our lives.

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