“Jesus Will Save You”

Every community has unique features and people who give it character and make it what it is. Local shops, annual traditions, and recognizable quirks create a personality that impacts all those who live within an area and those who just pass through. Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, we had an annual event called Fiesta that completely overtook the city with flowers, nifty pins from different businesses, and a day off from school for the “Battle of the Flowers” parade in memory of the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. There were many things that gave the city its culture, but Fiesta was one of the most prominent.

But what if those unique things, those little memorable and recognizable quirks were used in service of the Gospel?

On November 26, the United Methodist Women hosted speaker James David Bonner at their meeting to talk about his unique way of proclaiming the love of God — Mr. Bonner stands outside a Bojangles restaurant in Cottondale holding a sign that says, “Jesus Will Save You.” He waves to people, points with a goofy grin, and gives a thumbs-up to many cars passing by, but the main point, he says, is always what’s printed on his sign.

We thank James for spending his morning with us, and we know that his sign, which some would consider one of the memorable quirks of the area, is announcing truly great news.

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