Youth Ministry

Helping students grow in faith and walk with Christ in every part of their lives

We believe that students should be a priority, not just another program.

One of our goals is to help middle and high school students become Christian leaders in their schools, their friend groups, and in every part of their lives. That means digging deep into scripture and not being afraid to ask and discuss hard questions. At the same time, we want our students to develop meaningful friendships with each other and to have mature Christians to mentor them as they handle day-to-day life, so we make sure to have fun together too! Our youth gather three times most weeks: Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights, with each time having a different focus to ensure a full, well-rounded experience.

Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings at 10AM, our youth group gathers upstairs with Pastor Zac to study the Bible and discuss what it looks like to be a Christian in the modern day.

sunday nights

Sunday nights are specifically set apart for food, fellowship, and fun! Whether we're playing games in the church gym, doing a scavenger hunt around town, or having a bowling night, we know that friendships are the heart of Christian community. Check our calendar for details about upcoming Sunday night events.

wednesday nights

Wednesday nights at TUMC are meant for small groups, and our youth are no exception. We start together by sharing where they've seen God during the week and playing a game, then we split up into small groups where we can really grow together in faith.